Play Basket Random Online Game (No Flash), A HTML5 Game at Unblocked 66

basketball random html5

Basket Random Unblocked 66:

Basket Random is a two-player game with unpredictable physics. Players compete against each other on various basketball courts, scoring points with skill and agility. Successful dunks advance players to the next level with increasingly challenging gameplay. The game has authentic graphics and animations that make it feel like a real basketball court. The game is simple and can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players alike.


In this game, the first player to score 5 goals wins. If your opponent scores 5 goals before you, you lose the game. Wait until you catch the ball, then hold the ‘UP‘ or ‘Left‘ button to throw it into the basket. Use the arrow keys to control your character’s movement and try to reach the ball before your opponent.

The game has different seasons and ball collections that change after each basket is scored. The game offers two modes: 1P and 2P. In 1P, you compete against AI, and in 2P, you compete against another player.

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