Escape the Bathroom HTML5 Online Game without Flash

escape the bathroom unblocked

Source Code by: KBH Games

Escape the Bathroom offers a captivating puzzle-solving experience, where your wit and ingenuity are put to the test as you endeavor to free yourself from a confining bathroom space. Developed by Afro-Ninja and presented by Addicting Games, this interactive game demands your problem-solving skills to unlock a series of enigmatic challenges, ultimately leading to your liberation.

escape the bathroom unblocked


Embark on a quest to liberate yourself from the bathroom’s confines by unravelling a sequence of intricate puzzles. Each room you encounter presents a unique assortment of puzzles and items essential for their solution. Conquer each puzzle to advance further, navigating through the rooms until your triumphant escape is achieved.

escape the bathroom no flash

How Do You Win Escape The Bathroom?

To secure your emancipation, follow these strategic steps:

  1. Seize Control: Approach the toilet seat with determination.
  2. Initiate Action: Engage the flush valve post securing the plunger head, then skillfully drag it onto the valve.
  3. Engineer a Solution: Employ the plunger’s head to activate the flush valve, accomplished by clicking the toilet reservoir.
  4. Gather Resources: Collect baking soda from the lower cabinet.
  5. Shattering Boundaries: Break the mirror using a wooden stick, amass the fragments.
  6. Unconventional Aquisition: Utilize the wooden stick to retrieve the hairdryer situated at the upper portion of your screen.
  7. Strategic Maneuver: On the right side of the screen, pinpoint the middle tile within the floor pattern, securing the wrench.
  8. Hydraulic Manipulation: Return to the toilet screen, targeting the toilet’s base. Apply the wrench to activate the water flow.
  9. Unlocking Potential: Post-flush, select the toilet bowl to retrieve a concealed key.
  10. Reflective Access: Revisit the mirror, employing the key to unlock it. Extract the toothbrush and razor concealed within the cabinet.
  11. Plugging the Drain: Seal the drain by interacting with the sink’s upper surface. Fuse baking soda and hot water, immersing your toothbrush to form a paste.
  12. Precision Cleansing: Employ the toothbrush to meticulously clean the blue energy cell, requiring a double-click. Dry the cell using the hairdryer before connecting the cables.
  13. Unveiling Secrets: Unearth concealed inscriptions on the wall, effectively using the razor to erase them. To complete the numerical sequence, harness the power of the mirror.
  14. Decipher and Triumph: Proceed back to the prior screen, shifting rightward. Enter the code “45801” onto the numbered pad adjacent to the bath, subsequently pressing “Enter”. Revert and manipulate the valve using the wrench.
  15. A Watery Prelude: Activate the bath’s water supply, introducing the hairdryer into the water.
  16. The Path to Liberation: After a double-left maneuver, access the door. Triumphantly embrace your newfound freedom.


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