Play Idle Breakout Unblocked 66 for free, A HTML5 Online Game without Flash

Idle Breakout Unblocked 66:

Idle Breakout is a modern take on the classic Atari game. In this version, you use your mouse to click on blocks and earn cash. Each block is worth a certain amount of money, and this amount can be upgraded for more rewards. You can purchase different types of balls and upgrades to help you smash through the blocks faster. Completing combos and reaching new levels will also give you bonuses.


Idle Breakout is an idle game where players use their paddles to bounce a ball off blocks around the play area. The goal is to clear all the blocks by bouncing the ball off them before it reaches the bottom of the screen. Additionally, as levels progress, new elements are introduced, including multiple balls, power-ups, and obstacles.


As players advance through levels, they can earn coins to unlock new paddle upgrades, such as size and speed. Players can also collect coins scattered around the level to gain points or purchase power-ups that give them an advantage while playing. The ultimate goal of Idle Breakout is to achieve the highest score possible by avoiding losing all of your lives.

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