Penalty Shootout Unblocked 66, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

penalty shootout not blocked

Penalty Shootout Unblocked 66:

Penalty Shootout, an exciting online soccer game, is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills and abilities. After choosing a league, you can select your favorite team and alternate between playing as a penalty kicker and a goalkeeper.

As a kicker, you need to use three moving indicators to adjust the ball’s direction, height, and speed while attempting to score against the opposing goalkeeper. As a goalkeeper, you have to time your click on the target indicator correctly to save the shot.

Whether you are an experienced soccer player or are new to this type of gameplay experience, Penalty Shootout provides an exciting and fun way of demonstrating your talent in front of an international audience.


In a penalty shootout, each team takes turns attempting to kick the ball into their opponent’s goal from the penalty spot. The team with the most successful kicks is declared the winner. Players involved in the penalty shootout must remain within the penalty area during their attempts.


A penalty shootout consists of up to five rounds, with each team taking a shot alternately. If the score is still tied after the fifth round, sudden death rounds begin, and teams take turns shooting until one team has scored and the other has not. To ensure fairness, the team that takes the first kick in a penalty shootout changes after every round.

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