Play Raft Wars Unblocked 66 (No Flash) – A HTML5 Online Game for free

raft wars no flash

Raft Wars Unblocked 66:

Raft Wars is a thrilling shooting game with levels developed by Martijn Kunst. The game features Simon and the protagonist, who try to protect their treasure from enemies, including vikings, pirates, and gangs.

The game starts with a raft and tennis balls, but players can unlock powerful upgrades like grenades, rockets, and improved rafts as they progress through levels and defeat enemies. To win, players must knock opponents off their rafts and chip away at their health until they fall into the water.

Main Objective:

As we cover above, your goal in raft wars is to protect your precious treasure from the onslaught of enemies. You’ll need to use a combination of skill and planning to defeat your opponents.

You’ll need to become a master at aiming and power in order to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy, as well as using your environment to set up traps and ambushes. You’ll also need to plan ahead, deciding when to deploy upgrades or use special attacks like grenades, rafts, and rockets.

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