Rebel Forces HTML5 Online Game for free without Flash

rebel forces unblocked

In this dynamic gaming experience, players step into the shoes of a rebel fighter, determined to overthrow a tyrannical regime. Armed with a diverse arsenal and strategic prowess, the rebel fighter embarks on a mission to liberate a territory overrun by foes.

rebel forces unblocked

To ascend in strength, players must undertake missions, unlocking advanced weaponry and equipment while scavenging vital resources. This immersive game boasts a rich narrative, captivating 3D visuals, lifelike physics, and dynamic audio effects.


Venture into the heart of battle in Campaign mode, where you’re tasked with infiltrating the enemy’s military stronghold. With each victory, access to potent armaments and gear for upcoming missions becomes attainable.

PVP Mode:

Engage in high-stakes online duels against real adversaries, strategically employing diverse tactics to conquer your rivals. Whether assembling a 2 to 16 player room or joining an existing match, exhilarating confrontations await.

rebel forces HTML5

How to Play?

Seamlessly navigate the battlefield with the user-friendly controls of Rebel Forces. Utilize an array of weapons and tools to fulfill mission objectives. Employ the arrow keys or WASD for fluid movement, while precise aiming and shooting are facilitated by the mouse. Efficiently switch between weapons, reload firearms, and execute vital maneuvers with ease.


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