Red Ball 4 HTML5 Online Game for free without Flash

Red Ball 4 unblocked

In the world of Red Ball 4, evil minions are determined to reshape the planet into an unrecognizable square. However, a courageous red ball steps up to confront this perilous fate. To triumph, the ball must nimbly navigate a hazardous factory, evading enemies and lasers through deft arrow key maneuvers.

Red Ball 4 unblocked

Guiding Red Ball through an array of increasingly challenging levels forms the core of this thrilling game. Your objective is simple: reach the end of each level while skillfully sidestepping pitfalls, water hazards, and adversaries. Stars can be collected, pathways constructed, and the aid of power-ups like jetpacks and balloons enlisted to propel Red Ball toward victory.


Roll through levels and reach their conclusions without falling victim to crushing or entrapment. The game introduces puzzles, obstacles on the move, and relentless foes, all demanding your strategic finesse for advancement. With a grand total of 75 levels, each presenting unique goals and hurdles, Red Ball 4 guarantees an engaging and ever-evolving experience.

Powers ups:

Harness a range of power-ups to expedite your journey, including protective shields and fleeting invincibility bursts. As levels are triumphantly conquered, a shower of coins follows, offering opportunities to acquire power-ups or enhance your character’s capabilities.

Boss Levels:

Prepare for epic confrontations as each world concludes with a challenging boss battle. Success against these mighty adversaries hinges on your strategic acumen. Additionally, time constraints inject urgency, obliging players to meet task deadlines.

Red Ball 4 html5

How To Play:

Red Ball 4 is a fun and engaging online game that requires both strategy and skill. Here’s a brief guide on how to play:

  1. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Red Ball around the screen. The up arrow lets the Red Ball jump, while the left and right arrows move it sideways.
  2. The game consists of different levels, each presenting unique challenges and obstacles. The objective is to navigate through these levels without falling off platforms or getting defeated by enemy squares.
  3. Collect stars as you traverse through the levels. These stars can be used to gain extra points.
  4. Beware of the enemy squares – if they touch the Red Ball, you’ll lose a life. You can defeat them by jumping on them.

Full Walkthrough:

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