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Return Man 3, developed by ESPN, presents an addictive and enjoyable American football-themed gaming experience. This game marks the third installment in the widely acclaimed Return Man series. Players immerse themselves as a vital team member with the task of returning the kicked-off ball to its original spot. Success requires outscoring the opposing team through strategic gameplay.

return man 3 unblocked


Return Man 3 engages players in skillful navigation through a field occupied by opposing players. The opposing team kicks the ball towards the player, who must deftly catch it and advance towards the end zone. Evading tackles from opponents, executing well-coordinated special moves, and acquiring power-ups to enhance speed and agility constitute the key aspects of the game.

return man 3 no flash


Return Man 3 takes you on a thrilling journey through levels with unique challenges and obstacles. In order to reach each level’s finish line safely, you’ll need to outdo increasingly difficult opponents. There is also a leaderboard for those who are competitive – prove that you have what it takes by rising to the top!


In Return Man 3, players have access to an array of strategic moves for breaking through defenses. Noteworthy among these maneuvers are:

  • The “juke” move, facilitating rapid changes in direction.
  • The “spin” move, enabling the player to evade tacklers.
  • The “front flip” move, allowing the player to gracefully leap over opponents.


As a return man within the game, your primary objective entails catching and returning the ball to your end zone. Facilitating movement across the field, the I button (forward), J button (left), and L button (right) grant control. Negotiating the opposing defense with deft dodges is also crucial for safely regaining possession of the ball.

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