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riddle school 2 unblocked

Riddle School 2, the second installment developed by JonBro, follows its predecessor. Released in 2016, it continues the narrative of Riddle School.

Set within the familiar school environment, the game reintroduces characters from its predecessor. Notably, the protagonist, Phil, gains the unique ability to teleport between classrooms. His primary objective is to escape by engaging in activities such as object retrieval, puzzle-solving, and interactive dialogues.

Abundant references to popular culture are seamlessly woven into the gameplay, crafting a humorous experience. Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack enhances the overall ambiance. Players are encouraged to interact with diverse objects in each room, contributing to both the puzzle-solving aspect and the humor.

riddle school 2 unblocked


Players are tasked with item discovery, strategic utilization, and puzzle resolution to advance. Interactions with other characters enrich the experience, as does the exploration of the enigmatic, secret-laden school environment. Delving into every nook and cranny unveils concealed items and unveils facets of the enigmatic plot. Navigating through the game also demands outsmarting persistent bullies, seemingly aligned with a sinister agenda.

riddle school 2 html5


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