Riddle School HTML5 Online Game for free without Flash

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Riddle School presents an immersive point-and-click adventure, demanding players’ adept problem-solving skills for a classroom escape. The game encompasses multiple levels, each escalating in complexity.


The central objective revolves around escaping the school premises. However, caution is warranted during item searches, as players must tread carefully. Players can employ clever tactics to their advantage amidst obstacles. Throughout the gameplay, valuable hints aid in puzzle resolution.

The game boasts a charming and vibrant art style, fostering a light-hearted ambiance that consistently captivates players. A multitude of comical characters partake in players’ escape journey, augmenting entertainment as they advance through the game.


The player interacts with surroundings and characters to surmount obstacles. Navigation entails traversing school grounds, resolving classroom puzzles, procuring progression-enabling items, and eluding vigilant educators. Along the way, Phil’s escape mission imparts lessons on friendship and loyalty.

Puzzles and Entertainment:

Riddle School encompasses an array of puzzles and mini-games, catering to both novices and experts. Infused with witty dialogues and an eccentric art style, Riddle School promises hours of enjoyable and immersive gameplay. The game’s replayability guarantees an abundance of laughter.


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