Rooftop Snipers HTML5 Online Game for free

rooftop snipers unblocked

Rooftop Snipers offers an exhilarating and chaotic gaming experience through its two-button gameplay, promising hours of intense entertainment whether you’re challenging a friend or facing off against the computer. Showcasing lightning-fast reactions, this game demands both precision shooting skills and lightning-quick jumping abilities to eliminate your adversary before they get the upper hand.

rooftop snipers unblocked

Endless Excitement:

Step into the world of Rooftop Snipers, a two-player game that promises endless excitement. Engage in battles against friends or AI opponents across a range of dynamic characters and immersive environments. You have the freedom to enjoy solo gameplay or join forces for exhilarating head-to-head combat set against the backdrop of a rooftop arena. Victory belongs to the last one standing! Each round initiates with players positioned on opposing rooftops, culminating only when one player succumbs to the expert marksmanship of their foe. When the dust settles, dive into another electrifying match for yet another round of pulse-pounding sniper action!


Rooftop Snipers offers both solo and multiplayer options in its captivating 2D shooter setting. The objective at each round’s conclusion is to either shoot your adversary off the rooftop or secure the highest point total. With a stickman-like character armed with a firearm, each player takes control in the two-player mode.

Within this gripping game, players must skillfully aim and shoot at each other while skillfully navigating around obstacles such as walls, metal beams, and platform edges. The array of weaponry at your disposal includes rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even axes, adding depth and variety to the gameplay.


Success in Rooftop Snipers hinges on the ability to adapt strategies based on the intricacies of level design. Certain levels pose the risk of players slipping off edges due to slippery design elements, necessitating vigilance and precision. Conversely, other levels demand impeccable aiming precision to effectively hit opponents within confined pathways.

rooftop snipers html5

How to Play?

Each player uses one button to jump and swing their gun upwards while the other button is used to fire the gun. The aim is to knock your opponent off the building to their doom down below. With quirky character options and a wide range of weapons, each round is unique and fun-filled.


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