Play Room Clicker Online Game at the Unblocked 66

room clicker unblocked 66

Room Clicker Unblocked 66:

Room Clicker is an exciting idle clicker game with a simple concept. You must click anywhere in the room to quickly generate cash. By earning income, you can purchase upgrades that will increase your earning capacity.

Upgrades increase exponentially, so the more upgrades you buy, the more expensive they become. Furthermore, you can customize the look of your room by altering the appearance of different objects as you progress through the game.

All these features make this game both fun and challenging for players who want to relax and grind their way to success.


Tap anywhere to generate cash and upgrade your room for bigger profits. Unlock upgrades and customize the look of your room to make it more attractive. You can upgrade/unlock coaches, windows, headphones, music systems, and much more.


  • Click, click, & click.

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