Time Shooter Unblocked 66, Play HTML5 Online Game for free

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Time Shooter Unblocked 66:

Time Shooter is an intense first-person shooter game that combines fast-paced shooting with slow-motion tactics. In this game, time is relative, and it only moves when engaged in the action. Progress through each level without taking damage while dodging enemy bullets that fly by in slow motion. Strategically shoot enemies from afar or engage them in close combat with melee attacks.

Main Objective:

Time Shooter is a thrilling classic shooter game where you must eliminate enemies before they destroy you. With your trusty blaster, you can shoot at the enemy while using special weapons to take down tougher opponents.


Time Shooter challenges you to complete each level quickly and accurately while dodging enemy fire. To defeat the toughest enemies, you must strategically manage your power-ups. The game keeps track of your scores and records, allowing you to compare your performance with players from around the world.

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