Truck Loader Unblocked 66 for free, Play HTML5 Online Game without Flash

Truck Loader HTML5

Truck Loader Unblocked 66:

Truck Loader requires players to collect and load boxes onto a truck. With multiple levels, each presenting unique obstacles and puzzles, the game tests players’ problem-solving skills as they maneuver a forklift to pick up cargo. Starting with simple levels that involve driving around to collect boxes, the game gradually increases in difficulty as players progress.

To succeed, players must execute complex moves such as precise jumps and specific sequences of steps. The game boasts stunning graphics and a captivating soundtrack, ensuring hours of entertainment for players.


The goal of Truck Loader is to load the cargo into a truck in a timely and efficient manner. The player controls a robotic arm with the arrow keys, picking up crates and placing them inside the truck. Each level has a time limit, so the player must work quickly.

Special tools help speed up the loading process. The player may also use an extending platform to reach faraway crates or a bomb to break through obstructions. The player must be careful not to drop any crates onto the truck, as it will result in a loss of points. The game has 50 levels with increasingly difficult challenges and obstacles.

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