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In Whack Your Ex, players can physically assault their ex-partners to let out their frustrations. Players can choose from a variety of weapons to attack their ex-partner in this game, from hammers and saws to chainsaws and shotguns.

Whack Your EX Unblocked 66

As part of the game, players must determine which weapon will cause the most damage and kill their ex-partner while avoiding any counterattacks. This game allows players to express any pent-up anger towards their ex-partner by choosing which weapon to use and how much damage to inflict.


There is also a fun element to the game, as each weapon can be used both for comedic effect and for more serious damage. Whack Your Ex is a really fun way to let off some steam and have a bit of fun in the process. It is imperative to note, however, that violence should never be taken lightly and should not be provoked in any way. The game is only for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as an invitation to harm anyone in the real world.

Important Note:

The game was released with a warning that it was intended for mature audiences and shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, some individuals have still used the game to express anger and aggression towards their ex-partner despite this warning. Violence should never be taken lightly, no matter what the setting, and the game should only be enjoyed for its entertainment value.

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