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worlds hardest game 2 html5

World’s Hardest Game 2 is the sequel to the original game, and it is a complex 2D puzzle platformer that tests your reflexes, coordination, and problem-solving abilities. The game includes over 100 levels of varying difficulty, with objectives ranging from collecting coins to solving puzzles. Each level must be completed within a specific time limit, and the levels become increasingly difficult as you progress.

Worlds Hardest Game 2 Unblocked 66:

World’s Hardest Game 2 features challenging and fast-paced gameplay that requires players to quickly navigate through each level while avoiding obstacles such as spikes and patterns. To progress from one level to the next, players must utilize their problem-solving skills. Additionally, the game includes several mini-games that offer unique variations on the main game, allowing for more creative solutions.


The levels in World’s Hardest Game 2 are even more demanding than the first. The game consists of 50 levels, each with unique and increasingly complex obstacles. Players must carefully manoeuvre their character around a maze of obstacles, including walls, hazards, barriers, and moving objects.


According to, the world record time for completing World’s Hardest Game 2 is 11:46. This was achieved by the speedrunner “raflikk” on January 2023.

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